Eder Fernandes By Eder Fernandes Posted on 01/09/2022
Why you should consider installing AWS's Open API Framework

In the last decade, much has been said about the adoption of Open APIs strategies. Many companies have tried this strategy and have underestimated the efforts needed to make their ...

Marcos Vinicius Fernandes By Marcos Vinicius Fernandes Posted on 07/06/2022
5G in Industry 4.0 - Let's make this revolution together

What are the changes and how to deliver major productivity and performance improvement. We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. The next step of this evolution will be ...

Enrique Pérez By Enrique Pérez Posted on 11/08/2021
Five steps to successfully undertake mainframe modernization

Mainframes have been the cornerstone of many companies' IT infrastructure for decades. Although it may sound like outdated technology, reliance on mainframes remains unchallenged in many sectors, even those that ...