Ulrich Dietz

Ulrich Dietz

Germany CEO GFT Technologies SE

Ulrich Dietz has headed GFT since its foundation in 1987 and is now leading the company into the future as the Deputy Chairman of the Administrative Board & CEO of GFT Technologies SE. The passionate entrepreneur is also co-founder of Transferzentrum für Informationstechnologie (TZI; Transfer Centre for Information Technology) of Steinbeis Stiftung für Wirtschaftsförderung (Steinbeis Foundation for Economic Development), the initiator of the global innovation platform CODE_n and was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 by EY.

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Ulrich Dietz By Ulrich Dietz Posted on 12/01/2017
The state, start-ups and technology policy – a shot in the arm provided by public contracts

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Ulrich Dietz By Ulrich Dietz Posted on 02/09/2016
More courage for beacons - making innovations visible

Without courage and vision, Paris would not have had its Eiffel Tower, nor would mankind have had the moon landing. Today, visionaries are working on the world's largest WLAN network, ...

Ulrich Dietz By Ulrich Dietz Posted on 12/08/2016
Change is essential – banks must grasp the opportunities of digitalisation

The global financial services industry is currently undergoing a period of upheaval. New technologies are threatening old structures. Digital banking is booming – especially mobile banking. The innovative strength of ...