Tony Sodhi

Tony Sodhi

UK Former Head of Regulatory Practice

Tony has over 17 years of investment banking experience gained in line, change and programme management roles running operational IT teams. Tony works as a specialist providing business advice to clients in post-trade operations and derivatives and is also a specialist on BCBS239 compliance. Has now left GFT.

2 Posts

Tony Sodhi By Tony Sodhi Posted on 25/07/2016
Delivering regulatory change management - Time for a smart approach?

The financial services regulatory environment is in a state of constant flux. Many legislative bodies around the globe publish regulations that are growing in both volume and complexity. Achieving and ...

Tony Sodhi By Tony Sodhi Posted on 30/04/2015
Overcoming the challenges of BCBS239 compliance

As Domestically Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) begin to map-out their strategies for tackling BCBS239, Tony Sodhi (Managing Principal, GFT) highlights their need to implement a rapid approach and how they ...