Sylvia Shepperson

Sylvia Shepperson

UK Principal Consultant, GFT

Sylvia has extensive experience in the financial sector having held several business facing positions including user researcher, Scrum Master and senior business analyst. As a consultant at GFT since 2007, Sylvia has been involved in various risk and compliance projects.

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Sylvia Shepperson By Sylvia Shepperson Posted on 23/08/2018
The rise of SupTech: a win-win for financial market regulation

Over the past 10 years since the financial crisis, there has been a seismic shift in the regulatory landscape affecting all financial services firms. In order to avoid another meltdown, ...

Sylvia Shepperson By Sylvia Shepperson Posted on 22/06/2018
RegTech - the smart future for model risk management

The inexorable advance of new technologies; artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data and cloud computing are transforming financial institutions and markets. Machine learning in particular, is rapidly gaining ...

Sylvia Shepperson By Sylvia Shepperson Posted on 07/03/2017
That was then and this is now – the fast moving landscape of banking technology

In the last eight years the amount of banking regulation has increased exponentially and the cost of compliance has gone up proportionately. The financial landscape with regards to customer needs ...

Sylvia Shepperson By Sylvia Shepperson Posted on 02/06/2016
Too big to fail - EU banking structural reform

Given ongoing uncertainties in the global economic environment, some economists are predicting another market crash. The appetite for regulation and risk mitigation amongst politicians looks unlikely to diminish, and a ...