Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson

UK Head of Data Science at GFT

Simon is based in the UK and leads GFT’s Data Science & AI practice. Simon’s team brings a systematic and scientific approach to AI, drawing on GFT's comprehensive and deep knowledge of financial services as an industry.

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Simon Thompson By Simon Thompson Posted on 19/02/2024
Pathway to net zero: building AI into climate risk strategies

This blog is co-authored by Simon Thompson (Head of AI, ML & Data Science, GFT) and Dr Tauni Lanier (Sustainability and ESG Director, BDO). Can generative AI (GenAI) or machine learning ...

Simon Thompson By Simon Thompson Posted on 28/09/2023
Creating real value with LLMs

In the middle of 2023, the world of computing is abuzz with excitement over the emergence of large language models (LLMs) such as GPT4/ChatGPT premium and StarChat. Understanding what these ...

Simon Thompson By Simon Thompson Posted on 20/04/2023
ChatGPT: Making things safer

In part-one of this blog I examined the new and powerful technology that is ChatGPT. In this second and final part, I explore what best practices are required to make ...

Simon Thompson By Simon Thompson Posted on 12/04/2023
Is it ok to use ChatGPT?

This two-part blog outlines some harms and benefits of applications using ChatGPT. By identifying a set of harms, we can give a simple methodology for determining if it’s ok to ...

Simon Thompson By Simon Thompson Posted on 02/02/2022
Embracing AI to facilitate digital transformation

As a pioneer for digital transformation, GFT develops sustainable solutions across new technologies – from cloud engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) to Blockchain/DLT. We are a digital transformation specialist working with ...