Scott Holman

Scott Holman

UK Head of Google Cloud

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Scott Holman By Scott Holman Posted on 14/11/2023
Google Cloud Next London 2023 – a small venue but BIG ideas

Just a few weeks ago, GFT was a key sponsor of Google Cloud Next, where a small but powerful team of GFT colleagues, led by Vimmy Patel, GFT’s Google Cloud ...

Scott Holman By Scott Holman Posted on 16/10/2023
Cloud repatriation: How to take back control

Cloud repatriation is defined as the migration of applications and associated data from cloud hyperscalers back to on-premise private clouds or data centres. Some organisations choose to repatriate some workloads ...

Scott Holman By Scott Holman Posted on 27/04/2023
Getting the maximum value from your cloud investments with FinOps

It has been a tough few years for businesses and consumers alike. Inflation is at a 40 year high across many developed countries, and governmental bodies, such as the Bank ...