Richard Kalas

Richard Kalas

UK Client Solutions Director, Retail Banking

Richard is a Client Solutions Director, Retail Banking, for GFT UK helping our retail banking clients address their strategic and operational challenges in the new digital economy with truly innovative solutions and services. Before GFT, Richard was a Solutions Architect with Meniga having held similar roles at Ubiquiem and Temenos, leading solutions for organisations such as Metrobank, JPMC, UBS and The Bank of England.

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Richard Kalas By Richard Kalas Posted on 29/11/2023
The state of security in digital banking

This week saw the launch of the latest GFT Banking Disruption Index, our quarterly survey of consumer sentiment towards digital banking. This time, we focus on security. With the ever-increasing digitisation ...

Richard Kalas By Richard Kalas Posted on 01/09/2023
Brits not letting apprehension put them off AI banking

Despite customers’ concern about banks using AI, they still want to make the most of opportunities the technology offers the banking sector, the latest GFT Banking Disruption Index discovers. In ...

Richard Kalas By Richard Kalas Posted on 09/05/2023
Time for banks to provide better clarity to their customers whilst abroad

In the second part of his latest blog, Richard Kalas looks at how banks can improve their offerings for customers travelling abroad, following the release of GFT’s latest Banking Disruption Index.  Whilst ...

Richard Kalas By Richard Kalas Posted on 02/05/2023
Do banks need to provide better clarity and support to their customers whilst abroad?

Following the release of GFT’s latest Banking Disruption Index, Richard Kalas examines if consumers are happy with their banking fees when spending abroad and what improvements could be made in ...

Richard Kalas By Richard Kalas Posted on 16/01/2023
Majority of consumers feel anxious checking banking apps as cost-of-living challenges bite

In the three months since our inaugural Banking Disruption Index, it’s safe to say the economic challenges facing banking customers have only been exacerbated. The UK has officially entered recession, ...