Richard Kalas

Richard Kalas

UK Senior Solutions Architect

Richard is a Senior Solutions Architect at GFT, helping our retail banking clients address their strategic and operational challenges in the new digital economy with truly innovative solutions and services. Before GFT, Richard was a Solutions Architect with Meniga having held similar roles at Ubiquiem and Temenos, leading solutions for organisations such as Metrobank, JPMC, UBS and The Bank of England.

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Richard Kalas By Richard Kalas Posted on 10/06/2021
Are you ready for open finance?

Like its predecessor open banking, open finance aims to promote competition among financial providers, drive digital innovation and promote new, open, data-driven services. The ultimate beneficiaries are customers who should ...

Manuel Lavin By Manuel Lavin Posted on 20/05/2021
Will banks disappear in the future?

Some people are pointing to the disappearance of the global financial services system as we have known it. The incursion of new players is even leading people to talk about ...