Paul Burleton

Paul Burleton

UK Head of Strategy, Regulatory, Risk & Compliance

Paul Burleton is GFT's Head of Strategy, Regulatory and Compliance in the UK

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Paul Burleton By Paul Burleton Posted on 15/09/2017
Why SFTR compliance is an opportunity for greater data insight

The introduction of the Securities Finance Transaction Reporting (SFTR) directive, will give financial institutions an ideal opportunity to consolidate and improve their approach to data management. However, will firms take ...

Paul Burleton By Paul Burleton Posted on 03/05/2017
Where next for FX?

Regulation is tightening within the banking industry and with the advance of technology, it is becoming more and more challenging for firms to retain acceptable profit margins within their foreign ...

Paul Burleton By Paul Burleton Posted on 03/03/2017
The flood is continuing - Regulatory update

Once again the regulatory agenda dominates the agenda for our customers. The volume and pace of regulatory change is at an unprecedented level and this is set to continue in ...