Oscar Centeno

Oscar Centeno

Costa Rica Technical Leader / Scrum Master

Oscar is an agile team lead and coach. He is passionate about sharing professional software development techniques that lead to better teams and higher customer satisfaction. Based on his experience while developing financial systems, he promotes software maintainability and design as keys to achieve business agility. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from the Technology Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR).

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Oscar Centeno By Oscar Centeno Posted on 27/03/2018
All you need to know about Java 8 programmer certifications

Are you wondering if it's worth getting certified as a Java 8 programmer? What steps should you take, and how can you prepare effectively for the exams? In this publication, ...

Oscar Centeno By Oscar Centeno Posted on 25/01/2018
Effective Daily Scrums

Are our Daily Scrums effective? Daily meetings are the heartbeat of a Scrum sprint, but it's easy to lose focus... they can become ineffective boring meetings.  As an exercise, let me ...