Nick Weisfeld

Nick Weisfeld

UK Head of GFT's Blockchain Practice

Nick has extensive experience of leading a large, highly skilled and successful consulting team at GFT with a focus on data, regulation and risk within the investment banking industry. Believing passionately in the capabilities of the team he leads, Nick ensures that the team members are able to reach their full potential and that clients receive consistent quality and value. Building on the success of his team, a key passion of Nick’s is driving innovative and targeted new propositions by facilitating ideas generation and utilising agile and ‘fail fast’ concept prototyping.

4 Posts

Nick Weisfeld By Nick Weisfeld Posted on 26/06/2017
Cloud database technology can no longer be ignored in financial services

Recent developments in cloud based data technology points to the beginning of a wider step change in the delivery of data technology within financial services, including two recent announcements made ...

Nick Weisfeld By Nick Weisfeld Posted on 23/02/2017
Blockchain Technology

Accelerating adoption of distributed ledger in financial services: centralised versus de-centralised business models Leaving aside the Bitcoin use case, is the story of Blockchain simply one of ‘hype’ and a lot ...

Nick Weisfeld By Nick Weisfeld Posted on 07/10/2015
Increasing Data Standards within ‘The New Normal’

Against the backdrop of the dynamic ’New Normal’ landscape, there is an opportunity for banks to start investing in cleaning up their data models and simplifying them. With the potential ...

Nick Weisfeld By Nick Weisfeld Posted on 14/09/2015
Improve your BCBS239 compliance strategy through the valuing of data

As the challenges of BCBS239 compliance continue, it has become clear that banks and other financial institutions need to implement an enterprise-wide data driven culture if they are to succeed ...