Nick Nicholls

Nick Nicholls

UK Principal Consultant

Nick has over thirty years of experience in investment banking and capital markets, working in prominent roles across front, middle and back office functions. Prior to joining GFT, Nick spent 32 years at Credit Suisse where he worked in liquidity management, collateral optimisation and business re-engineering roles. Specialising in business architecture and process re-engineering, he has extensive experience of creating processes that incorporate efficiencies within workflows that enhance profitability, whilst also assisting clients with their regulatory obligations.

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Nick Nicholls By Nick Nicholls Posted on 26/01/2017
CCP Recovery and Resolution: The good the bad and the costly

In November 2016, The European Commission (EC) announced a proposal for new rules to ensure that Central Clearing Counterparties (CCPs) are dealt with more effectively when things go wrong. There has ...

Nick Nicholls By Nick Nicholls Posted on 27/09/2016
Securities Finance Transaction Reporting: It’s a Heptathlon not a Sprint

The next draft of the Securities Finance Transaction Reporting (SFTR) regulation is due soon. Given the responses to the consultation document, it is unlikely to be the final draft. On ...

Nick Nicholls By Nick Nicholls Posted on 30/08/2016
Unintended consequences of regulation, knee-jerk or Grand Plan?

The accumulation of risk in the buyside and its impact on economic growth: In this blog, I would like to set aside convention and start with a conclusion, which is ...

Nick Nicholls By Nick Nicholls Posted on 10/05/2016
Triparty OTC Collateral: The Paradox?

As we continue to investigate how adopting a holistic approach will improve the process of collateral management and optimisation. Collateral specialist Nick Nicholls (Principal Consultant) analyses why Triparty facilities look ...

Nick Nicholls By Nick Nicholls Posted on 23/03/2016
Time for banks to reverse their downward path in ROE and take control of their balance sheet / destiny

With many considerable challenges currently facing investment banks, we have analysed how banks could be able to truly manage their businesses and make significant organisational changes. The tsunami of regulation (Basel ...