Nehir Safak-Turhan

Nehir Safak-Turhan

Germany Senior Business Consultant/ Innovation Manager

Nehir Safak-Turhan is a Sr. Business Consultant and Innovation Manager in Digital Transformation and Innovation Management at GFT Technologies SE. In her former position, Nehir was a team leader in strategic business planning and the corporate development of a nationwide active bank. Previously, she spent several years with a global leader in IT. Nehir is also a graduate economist and has experience as a lecturer at various universities in Germany. Her lecturing activities included the areas of economics, international management and innovation management. 

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Nehir Safak-Turhan By Nehir Safak-Turhan Posted on 28/06/2019
Know your customer (KYC) – onboarding corporate clients

Financial services regulators see combating financial crime as one of the biggest challenges of our time. It can only really be beaten by enforcing a whole host of regulations to ...

Nehir Safak-Turhan By Nehir Safak-Turhan Posted on 14/11/2018
Harnessing creativity – design sprints accelerate the pace

On the last day of the CODE_n new.New Festival, six employees of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg joined forces with GFT experts to prove their mettle as part of a design sprint. Together, ...