Michael Hecker

Michael Hecker

Germany Managing Director Industry

Dr. Michael Hecker has a dregree in computer science and obtained a doctorate in mechanical engineering. He has more than 20 years of consulting experience and was previously a partner at MHP (a porsche company). Since 2018, he is responsible for the global expansion of GFT's industry solutions approach.

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Michael Hecker By Michael Hecker Posted on 18/09/2019
Why new-work concepts are becoming a key factor in staying competitive

Never have the changes in the working world been as full of opportunities but also as challenging as they are today. Even smaller companies have to keep step with this ...

Michael Hecker By Michael Hecker Posted on 09/05/2019
Artificial Intelligence brings competitive advantages for industrial SMEs

The fourth industrial revolution – known as Industry 4.0 – bridges the gap between gathered information and more efficient processes, revealing new business opportunities. Artificial intelligence (AI) has a key role to play ...

Michael Hecker By Michael Hecker Posted on 15/03/2019
How cloud services drive digital transformation

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cloud technology is a golden opportunity to use digital transformation as a springboard to grow stronger, enhance flexibility and think more innovatively. But so many SMEs have ...

Michael Hecker By Michael Hecker Posted on 04/02/2019
Why the internet of things offers so much potential to SMEs

Many small or medium-sized companies are still hesitant when it comes to digital transformation. Yet the innovative technologies and networked processes they could be enjoying would not only enhance the efficiency of day-to-day ...

Michael Hecker By Michael Hecker Posted on 22/01/2019
Medium-sized businesses are wasting valuable time when it comes to digital transformation

Mid-size firms fully understand the opportunities offered by digital solutions – they’re just a bit hesitant when it comes to doing something about it. Some markets are here today and ...