Mark Grady

Mark Grady

UK Lead UX Designer

Mark is a Lead UX Designer for GFT Group based in the UK.

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Mark Grady By Mark Grady Posted on 25/07/2022
You’re not a stakeholder, you’re a product owner

Enterprises make so many mistakes in the commissioning and maintaining of software and applications, but one of the most fundamental is the definition of ‘stakeholder’ in a project. Most enterprise employees ...

Mark Grady By Mark Grady Posted on 12/07/2022
Design thinking and its place in the enterprise

Design Thinking. Sounds like another fashionable popularised group-think trend that some hipster from the Bay area in California has come up with, right? Some millennial’s attempt to try to look ...

Mark Grady By Mark Grady Posted on 14/06/2022
Breaking down the UX v UI divide

In the first part of this blog, I looked at the blurring of lines between UX and UI design, and the consequences of this. In part 2, here is a ...

Mark Grady By Mark Grady Posted on 14/06/2022
Are you sure you know the difference between UX and UI design?

There’s been a lot of blurring of lines, confusion of definitions and land-grabbing going on in UX and UI, design and architecture, and it’s creating problems for people who really ...

Mark Grady By Mark Grady Posted on 28/02/2022
Why is user experience important to the enterprise?

All enterprises, regardless of their industry, are seeking to maximise the output of their efforts whilst reducing the effort in creating the output, basically, creating ‘more bang for their buck’, ...