Mark Garman

Mark Garman

US M&A Programme & Change Manager

Mark Garman is a M&A Programme & Change Manager at GFT North America.

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Mark Garman By Mark Garman Posted on 22/03/2017
Should the M&A Lifecycle include a Day 3?

To satisfy their shareholders, companies can no longer rely simply on organic growth. Fortune Magazine reported, as of June 2016, U.S. mergers and acquisitions value totaled approximately $642 billion. The ...

Mark Garman By Mark Garman Posted on 23/02/2016
The Evolution of Electronic Communications Surveillance

Financial services firms currently face increased risk due to collusive and unethical behaviors associated with unauthorized and rogue trading. To identify and mitigate these risks, companies must demonstrate to both ...

Mark Garman By Mark Garman Posted on 19/10/2015
Models, Policy Rules, Scenarios, & Controls Life Cycle Framework

Financial Services firms’ Risk, Analytics, Compliance, and other groups implement thousands of controls, models, policy rules, and/or scenarios; their number grows unabated. Does your firm review the output, or manage ...