Marika Lulay

Marika Lulay

Germany CEO GFT Technologies SE

Since 2017, Marika Lulay is the CEO of GFT Technologies SE. Previously, she had been responsible for the operative business of the company as COO for many years. Marika Lulay is known for purposeful, binding action: she tackles challenges and motivates our employees to develop innovative and sustainable IT solutions for our clients.

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Marika Lulay By Marika Lulay Posted on 26/10/2018
That moment where innovation comes to life – GFT takes part in the new.New Festival 2018

As in the past, the CODE_n new.New Festival in October turned the spotlight on innovative flair in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The festival goes back to 2016, when it was ...

Marika Lulay By Marika Lulay Posted on 05/07/2016
GFT expert survey: digital banking has now arrived in every corner of the globe

Our latest survey of banking experts has revealed a clear trend among financial institutions: very few banks have yet to start thinking about digital transformation. Almost all banks are currently ...