Marcin Kowalski

Marcin Kowalski

Poland Principal Consultant

Marcin Kowalski has over 15 years of experience in technology consulting. He developed strong cross-sectional expertise in software solutions for business. He currently serves as head of technology for GFT Poland and focuses his interests on artificial intelligence applications in the financial industry.

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Marcin Kowalski By Marcin Kowalski Posted on 06/04/2018
GFT’s insights from MLPrague 2018 conference

MLPrague is the biggest Central-European conference on applications of AI and machine learning. GFT had its representation there, so here's what, in our view, were the most important trends and ...

Marcin Kowalski By Marcin Kowalski Posted on 26/09/2017
Spanner – A revolution for financial services

Anyone familiar with transactional database systems knows that management of a distributed DB setup can be painful. Despite industry progress, some challenges still keep DB admins awake at night. Scaling ...

Marcin Kowalski By Marcin Kowalski Posted on 28/06/2017
The Old World Disrupted

I had the pleasure to speak at this year’s ABSL conference, which is quickly becoming one of the most important meeting points of business and technology in Central Europe. Representatives ...

Marcin Kowalski By Marcin Kowalski Posted on 05/05/2017
Integrated Artificial Intelligence

In this interview, Marcin Kowalski, a consultant from GFT Poland, answers questions pertaining to application of solutions based on artificial intelligence in retail and investment banking, emphasizing the challenges associated ...