Maciej Sopek

Maciej Sopek

Poland Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Maciej is responsible for management and creation of marketing content that promotes competences of GFT Poland's staff, as well as the company’s technical and business capabilities. He is passionate about cutting-edge technology and enjoys working with industry experts.

3 Posts

Maciej Sopek By Maciej Sopek Posted on 13/08/2019
Winning the Nightly Butcher’s Run and other adventures in running – with Marek Bartosik

At GFT Poland, sport is a big thing. We support our running, basketball and football teams, while our Summer Events featured mountain biking races and obstacle courses. We’re happy to ...

Maciej Sopek By Maciej Sopek Posted on 27/11/2018
Change made easier - adoption of Kotlin in investment banking projects

Kotlin is an increasingly popular programming language developed by JetBrains. We sat down with Sebastian Górecki (@sebagorecki) and Robert Kapała (@robertkapala) of GFT Poland to discuss chances for its wider adoption, as ...

Maciej Sopek By Maciej Sopek Posted on 22/10/2018
Back to SQL – academic cooperation between GFT and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Arkadiusz Kasprzak and Jakub Kasprzak are #GFTexperts who share their technical knowledge at an academic level. They co-develop and conduct classes as part of the “Data Processing – Big Data” post-graduate ...