Kurt Häusler

Kurt Häusler

Germany Scrum Master

Kurt Häusler is a certified Kanban Coach (KCP) and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) with more than ten years of experience in implementing and coaching Lean and Agile. His current focus topics include the implementation and management of Kanban and scaled Agile initiatives in IT and other departments of larger organisations in the financial industry.

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Kurt Häusler By Kurt Häusler Posted on 15/03/2017
The various dimensions and levels of scaling agile and their implications

Implementing Scrum in one or more software development teams is usually the first step towards agility that the typical company takes. Scrum as envisioned by its inventors and described in ...

Kurt Häusler By Kurt Häusler Posted on 21/02/2017
You cannot separate Transformation from Delivery

The digital or IT parts of the much-hyped “Digital Transformation” are not the most significant, interesting or value-creating aspects of the changes that need to take place in organizations today. ...

Kurt Häusler By Kurt Häusler Posted on 10/02/2017
Empowered Scrum Roles

When Ken and Jeff invented Scrum in the 90s, they weren’t working for small IT oriented startups. They were working in medium to large enterprises with all the issues of ...