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Jérôme Isabelle

Canada Strategy and Expertise Vice President

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Jérôme Isabelle By Jérôme Isabelle Posted on 08/12/2023
Insights from Guidewire Connections 2023: How insurers can operate faster and more flexibly in a more connected world

This year’s Guidewire Connections in Nashville saw the largest gathering of attendees and a growing partner community came together to discuss the latest Guidewire developments.   Speed was a major theme ...

Jérôme Isabelle By Jérôme Isabelle Posted on 09/06/2023
Insurers boost agility and competitiveness with the Minimum Viable Product approach – a transformation model for a fast-changing world

Insurance companies are under pressure to transform their processes, platforms and systems to enhance responsiveness, innovation and productivity. In a rapidly evolving market, however, traditional implementations can take too long ...

Jérôme Isabelle By Jérôme Isabelle Posted on 18/01/2023
Guidewire Connections 2022

Clients can build the products their own customers need. Guidewire’s commitment to cloud, microservices and a new approach to upgrades. Attendees at the recent Guidewire Connections event were eager to discuss ...

Jérôme Isabelle By Jérôme Isabelle Posted on 16/11/2021
Insights from Guidewire Connections 2021 : harnessing Cloud and data for faster time to market

In early November 2021, Guidewire Connections saw around 1,000 customers and partners come together to learn, collaborate and network. What themes emerged from the event, and what does this mean ...

Jérôme Isabelle By Jérôme Isabelle Posted on 02/11/2020
Best practices for Guidewire implementations

In today’s ever-changing digital world, P&C insurers are searching for ways to become more competitive and to stand out from the crowd. To modernise their core systems, many are turning ...