Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor

UK Former Head of Strategy, Capital Markets

Jeremy was a Strategy Owner, Capital Markets for GFT in the UK and has held a number of control and operational oversight roles in his career. Jeremy previously worked at UBS, where he was. London Operations Head for FX, MM / FX derivatives and Commodities. He has now left GFT.

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Jeremy Taylor By Jeremy Taylor Posted on 02/08/2016
‘Keep calm and carry on’ following the Brexit vote in June

The UK’s decision to leave the EU following the referendum vote on the 23 June has left the financial services industry facing an uncertain future. The result poses more questions ...

Jeremy Taylor By Jeremy Taylor Posted on 07/03/2016
Don’t delay in solving the MiFID II puzzle!

It might be understandable if many firms have decided to celebrate the decision to delay the implementation date of MiFID II by 12 months. But as Jeremy Taylor (Head of ...

Jeremy Taylor By Jeremy Taylor Posted on 23/09/2015
Is there an opportunity for strategic change within ‘The New Normal’ of regulation?

Recently GFT surveyed 66 organisations, including global and domestic investment banks across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, with the aim of establishing the attitudes of major Capital Markets ...

Jeremy Taylor By Jeremy Taylor Posted on 16/06/2015
How do you live with continuous regulatory change in ‘The New Normal’ environment for financial markets?

As banks continue to be challenged by waves of regulation could we already be at a tipping point, where banks now require new systems or operating models that will enable ...

Jeremy Taylor By Jeremy Taylor Posted on 16/01/2015
Regulation, regulation, regulation…the ‘new normal’?

As we begin 2015, banks and other financial institutions could be forgiven if they feel a sense of ‘regulatory fatigue’. This is understandable as it is now clear that regulation ...