Ian Weavers

Ian Weavers

UK Former Head of Business Architecture

Ian worked as Head of Business Architecture at GFT. He left the company in 2015.

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Ian Weavers By Ian Weavers Posted on 08/09/2014
It all means nothing without intellect and anticipation

The operating principle of processing intelligence and anticipation involves the automated and constant collection, analysis and trending of transaction processing. The idea is that banking transactions are constantly monitored to ...

Ian Weavers By Ian Weavers Posted on 01/09/2014
Think global and simple to 'change the banks'

One of the consequences of the banking slowdown since 2008 is that there has been relatively limited investment in “change the bank” technology projects. This reduced spend has had the ...

Ian Weavers By Ian Weavers Posted on 26/08/2014
The true value of client principles

The client-centred processing principle prescribes that banking operations should be performed in a way that is fully aligned with the viewpoint of the client. Accepting that a client may be ...