Francis Cook

Francis Cook

UK Specialist Regulatory Compliance

Francis brings more than a decade’s experience of delivering complex business and IT solutions within large corporations. He is a specialist in the financial regulatory space, having an in-depth knowledge of current EMIR trade reporting requirements (in Europe) and experience of solving similar regulatory challenges under Dodd-Frank (in North America).

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Francis Cook By Francis Cook Posted on 09/02/2017
2017 regulatory challenges for banks – a pathway to unity or division?

I last wrote about Brexit just prior to the referendum, and with the start of a new year, Article 50 voting in the House of Commons and a new President ...

Francis Cook By Francis Cook Posted on 07/04/2016
What would a potential UK exit from the EU mean for regulation?

As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve in 2016 due to various factors, we have analysed a crucial new date now added to the regulatory calendar: 23 June 2016. The ...

Francis Cook By Francis Cook Posted on 14/04/2014
To delegate, or not to delegate

Q1 2014 has been extremely eventful in terms of European regulatory compliance. On February 12th thousands of corporate firms found themselves underprepared for the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) trade reporting ...