Fabrice Abrigo

Fabrice Abrigo

Spain Exponential banking delivery manager

Fabrice Abrigo is responsible for the successful delivery of exponential banking projects at GFT. After two decades in the company, he has an extensive experience in project management and project delivery in the retail banking sector. Fabrice has participated in a broad range of projects for European and American banks, including web and multi-channel architectures, business process management (BPM), and online and mobile banking. Between 2015 and 2017, he served as director of GFT’s digital transformation unit focused on the delivery of innovative projects, leading a multidisciplinary team of 130 people. Fabrice holds a degree in computing and industrial engineering from the INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) in Toulouse.

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Fabrice Abrigo By Fabrice Abrigo Posted on 01/08/2018
Augmented banking: an immersive and hyperpersonalised financial experience

At GFT, we envision exponential banking as the natural evolution of the digitalisation process all banks are to some extent undertaking in order to stay relevant to its customers. Our approach ...