Enric Pérez

Enric Pérez

Spain Technical Program Manager & Senior IT Architect

Enric is technical program manager and senior IT architect at GFT, with over 25 years of IT experience covering IT development, architecture and infrastructure. His work focuses on mainframe consumption optimisation and downsizing, mainframe IT architecture, core business evolution and IT operations automation. Prior to joining GFT in 2010, Enric worked for almost two decades at Deutsche Bank Spain where he held various positions, including his last appointment as director of architecture and infrastructure. Enric studied Mathematics at the University of Barcelona.

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Enric Pérez By Enric Pérez Posted on 02/07/2018
Back-end modernisation for open banking

For decades, mainframes have been the cornerstones of IT infrastructure in many businesses, with banks at the forefront. However, the demand for increased flexibility to cope with ever-changing business processes ...