David Mitchell

David Mitchell

UK Client Solutions Director

David is a client solutions director for GFT based in the UK.

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David Mitchell By David Mitchell Posted on 26/06/2023
Unleashing the power of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and revolutionising mergers and acquisitions in capital markets

Beyond traditional considerations of financial performance and market synergies, ESG factors are now becoming essential in driving the strategic business decisions of many firms. Major financial institutions are embracing the ...

David Mitchell By David Mitchell Posted on 18/04/2023
Open everything. Is finance finally growing up?

It started with open banking… but what does it really mean?  Open banking enables customers to share their personal data with other external trusted organisations that can provide innovative apps and ...

David Mitchell By David Mitchell Posted on 27/02/2023
The future of cloud-native internal developer platforms. Will the cloud service providers create them anytime soon?

How close are we to the cloud service providers creating cloud-native internal developer platforms?  To set the scene, let's begin with overarching cloud migration strategies.  In this modern world of digital development, ...