Daniela Kielmann

Daniela Kielmann

Germany GFT Group Communications Manager & CSR Manager

Daniela has over 14 years of corporate communications experience in the aviation, energy and technology sectors. Over the last six years she has become an expert in CSR and ESG reporting. With a detailed understanding of EU sustainable finance regulations, ESG frameworks and ratings, Daniela combines sustainability expertise with a passion for organisational improvement. She has achieved an enviable reputation for constantly challenging the organisation with getting sustainability information out of systems originally not designed for delivering environmental or social figures.

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Daniela Kielmann By Daniela Kielmann Posted on 05/08/2022
Green finance goes digital - how technology brings sustainable finance within reach

With climate change becoming a global emergency the time for talk is over. “It’s now or never” is the expert view of the world climate council IPCC [1]. With such ...