Christian Ball

Christian Ball

UK Head of Banking

Christian Ball brings extensive experience to spearhead the GFT Retail offering. Christian joined GFT from Meniga in 2016, one of the top performing FinTech companies in Europe. His previous roles have seen him work with many of the leading banks to shape their digitisation strategies - including positions at Cap Gemini, Fiserv and Accenture, where he led Business Development for Accenture Software globally.

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Christian Ball By Christian Ball Posted on 24/04/2020
The Bank of Tomorrow: A model-driven approach

Welcome to the third and final instalment of my Bank of Tomorrow blogs. You can view the first two here. Without mentioning the C-Word, it goes without saying that over ...

Christian Ball By Christian Ball Posted on 10/03/2020
The bank of tomorrow – the story unfolds

This is the second part of three discussion forums into this important subject. You can read part one here. Putting the insanity of repeating the same mistakes over and over again ...

Christian Ball By Christian Ball Posted on 13/02/2020
What, no banks in the future, are you insane?

This is the first of three discussion forums around this important subject. The consequences of the demise of a global financial services system that supports the needs of everyone on ...

Christian Ball By Christian Ball Posted on 21/01/2020
Cloud and the open banking opportunity

This blog is taken from GFT’s latest thought leadership paper ‘Open banking and the cloud’ Although open banking has legislative origins - and is compulsory in some countries - it is ...

Christian Ball By Christian Ball Posted on 20/12/2019
Open banking and the cloud

There is great interest in open banking. A Google search shows over 700 million hits, so there’s certainly no lack of opinion on the subject. Although progress towards operational open ...