Bernd-Josef Kohl

Bernd-Josef Kohl

Germany Executive Director

Bernd-Josef Kohl (born 1955) has been head of Business Consulting at GFT Technologies SE since 2010. His areas of responsibility include consulting, regulatory affairs, payments and cards, core banking applications and financial architecture. He also consults banks on innovation management and the development of digital business solutions in fields such as mobile payments.

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Bernd-Josef Kohl By Bernd-Josef Kohl Posted on 27/10/2016
Mobile Payment: New round in the competition for the mobile ecosystem

A newly published whitepaper from GFT analyses the dynamic development in eight key markets, and gives recommendations for the financial sector. At the end of 2018 the European Central Bank intends ...

Bernd-Josef Kohl By Bernd-Josef Kohl Posted on 12/08/2015
Mobile Payment: The European Standard is Coming

Something's happening in the world of mobile payments in Europe. My colleague Med Ridha Ben Naceur explained our approach to "instant payments" a few days ago. And the framework conditions ...

Bernd-Josef Kohl By Bernd-Josef Kohl Posted on 19/03/2015
Showcase at CeBIT: context-based account management enables new quality of customer contact

Classically aligned banks are facing growing competition from pure online banks and fintech start-ups. The future for retail banks lies in digitally networked services which enable personalized offerings for every ...

Bernd-Josef Kohl By Bernd-Josef Kohl Posted on 25/02/2015
Smartphone wallets – the next generation. New technology enjoys German premiere at CeBIT

According to BITKOM, the German high-tech industry association, 14 million Germans can imagine using nothing but their smartphone to pay for their shopping. But it looks like it could be ...