Antonio Ferre

Antonio Ferre

Spain Project Manager

Antonio Ferre is a GFT Project Manager and an expert in the areas of project management, metrics, estimation processes, quality, technology strategies, Db2, databases and big systems. He is CFPS-accredited and has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of fields disciplines including functional size, function points, productivity metrics, IT projects and company benchmarking. He has been a member of different IFPUG committees for years and is currently the IFPUG CMC chair. Based in the United States, the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) is probably the leading worldwide organisation in the field of software sizing and IT metrics.

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Antonio Ferre By Antonio Ferre Posted on 22/06/2018
Agile and standard metrics: the perfect complement to add strategic value

The software industry is associated with the most innovative methods and technologies, but is also an artisan art activity. As Bill Gates once said, “software is a great combination between ...

Antonio Ferre By Antonio Ferre Posted on 28/03/2018
The harmony between productivity and quality

Productivity and Quality are two essential metrics in any software project, and vital in the life of IT companies. It is essential to be able to answer, not with feelings ...

Antonio Ferre By Antonio Ferre Posted on 27/10/2017
IT Metrics excellence: avoiding the world turning upside-down

Regardless of how a software development project was contracted (fixed price, time and materials, etc.) or how it was managed from a methodology point of view (Agile, Waterfall, Prince2, ...), ...

Antonio Ferre By Antonio Ferre Posted on 17/12/2015
Functional Size: The Importance of Having Good Strategic Information

Turning data into information and using that information to manage and improve businesses, projects, processes, and products is a fascinating process. It’s often said that you can only manage what ...