Anna Tomczyk

Anna Tomczyk

UK Business Analyst

Anna is a Business Analyst at GFT who specialises in AML, Risk and Compliance. Anna joined GFT from JPMorgan Chase in 2016 and has a degree in Economics for the University of Lodz in Poland.

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Anna Tomczyk By Anna Tomczyk Posted on 17/01/2017
How building intelligence bridges can transform risk and compliance

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and transaction monitoring processes are becoming usual practices in today’s financial environment due to the increasing enforcement of more and more regulations. In recent news there have ...

Anna Tomczyk By Anna Tomczyk Posted on 26/07/2016
A new design for a new world - How machine learning can cut costs on transaction monitoring

The world today is a very different place than even ten years ago; criminal activity is increasingly sophisticated and terrorist financing uses cutting edge technology. Securities specialist Anna Tomczyk (Business ...