Andrew Scotland

Andrew Scotland

UK Head of Agile & Continuous Delivery Practice

Andrew joined GFT from Deutsche Bank in 2016. He has over 12 years’ experience working with and leading Agile teams and programmes. Andrew now leads a specialist team within the Design & Technology Consulting function, where he draws on skills and knowledge gained in programme and project management, business change and transformation, governance, agile and continuous delivery.

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Andrew Scotland By Andrew Scotland Posted on 22/06/2017
Stage Four | Operate: Have you considered the impact on your support and maintenance teams?

In the previous blogs of this cloud migration series, you’ve read about the significant cost savings offered by migrating to the cloud, learned the various migration strategies available to your ...

Andrew Scotland By Andrew Scotland Posted on 07/10/2016
Meeting the challenges of the new normal of Banking, with the trends for the new normal of IT

There are a number of key challenges that are facing the financial services industry, which present companies in this sector with a ‘burning platform’ to help them drive transformational change ...