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Andrea Wlcek

Germany Global Head of Communications

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Andrea Wlcek By Andrea Wlcek Posted on 22/09/2014
Small Data: The Right Data In The Right Format

Luke Trigg is Data Extraction specialist at Rule Financial, now part of the GFT Group. In the following article for Finextra Luke discusses a challenge for the banking sector: What ...

Andrea Wlcek By Andrea Wlcek Posted on 12/09/2014
Mobile payments with iPhone 6: German banks come under pressure

Bernd Josef Kohl is responsible for International Business Consulting at the GFT Group. He wrote the following article for our german GFT blog. We think it's definitely worth a reading ...

Andrea Wlcek By Andrea Wlcek Posted on 03/09/2014
Matchmaking GFT style: With CODE_n CONNECT, seek and find innovation partners

Major companies, as well as SMEs, are still simmering away their own innovation 'soup'. Stimulus from outside? In short supply. Without the right partner in the digital economy, very quickly ...

Andrea Wlcek By Andrea Wlcek Posted on 12/08/2014
Video: Big Data & Small Print - Interview with Ignacio Sales

Big data is not simply about buying an off-the-shelf solution in order to produce a performing big data cluster. How can firms find the balance between solutions that will provide ...

Andrea Wlcek By Andrea Wlcek Posted on 08/08/2014
Video: Big Data Challenges - Interview with Jon Cooke

Financial services organisations facing increased regulation are now also confronted with a resulting massive explosion of data. How can firms actually coral all of this data into meaningful business decisions? ...