Alpesh Tailor

Alpesh Tailor

UK Executive Director

Alpesh is an Executive Director for GFT and the Global Account Manager for Deutsche Bank, Capital Markets. He has been with GFT since 2007, when he joined as an Account Director working in the London office where he remains based.

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Alpesh Tailor By Alpesh Tailor Posted on 17/02/2022
Why cloud adoption is on the rise in banking

The banking sector has never shied away from innovation, whether it is new products to improve customer savings habits or new ways of interacting with people and business, but embracing ...

Alpesh Tailor By Alpesh Tailor Posted on 07/12/2021
Why you should (always) be thinking cloud

Following recent market research – now is the time to fully realise the benefits of hybrid and mulitcloud. Cloud has moved quickly from being seen as a competitive advantage to the ...

Alpesh Tailor By Alpesh Tailor Posted on 21/12/2017
An evening to celebrate: GFT and Deutsche Bank awarded at Financial Innovation Awards

It was a pleasure to be at the Financial Innovation Awards earlier this month and of course to be part of the winning team for a prestigious award! In partnership ...