GFT @ the Google/HSBC Partner Expo

GFT had the esteemed privilege of participating in the HSBC Partner Expo, a prestigious event hosted at the Google offices in St Pancras, London this September. Our dedicated GFT UK team, comprised of Carlton Hopper (Managing Director), , James Shiplee (Client Director), Simon Thompson (Head of Data Science & AI) and myself Joe Lasham as a Partnership Manager.

This event was yet another remarkable opportunity extended by Google, fostering the convergence of the Google Cloud and HSBC partner networks. It served as a platform to bolster our collaborative efforts, exchange fresh and captivating product updates, and showcase the latest innovations spanning generative AI (GenAI), digital transformation and various other cutting-edge domains. 

A collaborative endeavour 

For those of us immersed in the tech industry, such collaborative endeavours are the essence of excitement, epitomising the power of partnership and collective progress. It was a privilege to witness partners coming together to advance common goals and it was a testament to the dynamic nature of our field. 

During this event, Simon Thompson delivered an exceptional presentation which shone a light on the world of GenAI. His presentation was a masterclass, underscoring the pivotal role of strong governance, robust data infrastructure and solid user engagement in the realm of AI. Simon also elucidated the distinctive features that set GenAI apart, offering a comprehensive breakdown of its core components.  

He also emphasized the imperative need for evidence-backed value chains and shared insights on achieving sustainable enterprise value through AI deployment. Simon’s presentation stood out for its engaging and humorous delivery, a refreshing approach that captivated the entire audience. Importantly, he candidly discussed the current limitations of AI, sparking intrigue and fostering productive conversations among the HSBC attendees. 

(As a further resource for those seeking deeper insights, Simon Thompson has authored a new book, “Managing Machine Learning Projects” which is now available on Amazon.) 

 The future of GenAI 

GenAI emerged as the central theme of the day, with partners  vying to position themselves as trailblazers in the GenAI landscape. Google played a pivotal role in facilitating these discussions and partnerships. One of the pivotal takeaways from the event was the pressing need for meticulous qualification when deploying GenAI, underscored by comprehensive corporate risk assessments and an unwavering focus on cost-effectiveness.  

Robust governance frameworks emerged as an imperative for the success of GenAI programmes, particularly in life sciences applications. Furthermore, addressing security concerns took centre stage, given the complex nuances within the context of GenAI. Prioritising security is vital to unlock the full potential of GenAI in terms of value creation opportunities. 

Overall, GFT’s relationship with both Google and HSBC continues to go from strength-to-strength, and the use and deployment of GenAI has enormous potential in the financial industry. However, it is important to take into the account the risk of AI and it requires necessary due diligence before jumping in headfirst. 

You can also download Simon Thompson’s new thought leadership paper ‘Applying LLMs’ via the GFT website. 

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