GFT and team wins again at GCM Grosvenor’s Hackathon 2022

GCM Grosvenor recently hosted its annual hackathon, where participants from across the firm collaborated to build technology-driven solutions aimed at creating efficiencies in their day-to-day tasks or positively impacting firm culture. The hackathon also gives technologists an opportunity to create using technologies that are not part of everyday solutioning. A group of GFT + GCM team members scored highest among the projects, winning first place.

The 2-day event gathered skilled professionals trying to solve problems in record time or seed future projects for GCM. The hackathon included over 70 people, forming 10 teams that showcased their best ideas to a judging committee of firm leaders.

The team made up of 5 GCM members and Fabio Dario from GFT won first place with the project “Tax Workpaper Automated Solution”. It combined SharePoint, Azure Data Lake, Microsoft Power Platform, Azure Durable Functions, and REST APIs, each playing its role in how the files are uploaded, ingested, and processed, where data is stored, making the output files available to users.

Last year a team with GFT members won 2nd place at the GCM Grosvenor Inaugural Hackathon. They won with a solution involving “Process automation to accelerate turnaround time for marketing requests”. Earlier this year a GFT team also won 1st place at GCM Grosvenor’s inaugural innovation days for Best Project and People’s Choice Award for Best Project, with an automated repo repository management solution, with the ability to better manage teams and users, integrate with AAD, and more.

We are thrilled to continue our strong engineering partnership with GCM Grosvenor, driving innovation and creative technology solutions together.

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