In case you missed it: Highlights from AWS re:Invent 2022

The biggest AWS event, re:Invent, took place in Las Vegas, from November 27th to December 2nd.  GFT participated as a Gold Sponsor raising awareness about the importance of GreenCoding. Continue reading to learn more about AWS announcements and highlights from the event that our GFT AWS team put together.

Amazon moving towards a zero-ETL future with two new capabilities

After announcing the Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift and the Amazon Redshift Integration for Apache Spark, companies can now maximize the value they get out of the data – before the data is dispersed across multiple services and on-premises systems, while reducing the need to manually move or transform data between services.

With these integrations, the data is available almost in real-time on Amazon Redshift.  There is no need to build and maintain complex data pipelines for ETL. At the same time, Amazon Redshift Integration for Apache Spark, facilitates the build and execution of Spark applications on Amazon Redshift and Redshift Serverless – simplifying the use of Analytics and Machine Learning services in solutions.

Built-in governance and business intelligence (BI) at hyperscale

AWS highlighted a built-in governance that aims to unlock data across organizational boundaries. Companies can now catalog, discover and share data at scale in accordance with the organization’s security and compliance regulations with the Amazon DataZone.

For business intelligence, an update on Amazon QuickSight that allows users to create, schedule, share reports and export data from a single BI solution brings even more benefits to companies. Complementing the BI announcements, the Amazon QuickSight Q, is a solution that provides suggestions for phrases, business terms and performs spell-checking for questions asked in natural language allows users to receive accurate answers with relevant visualization.  Thus, helping one gain insights from the data based on Machine Learning.

Faster threat detection, investigation, and incident response

Two security services were shared during the AWS re:Invent. One, Amazon GuardDuty, already available for users that want to monitor their AWS accounts and expose threats quickly.  Using anomaly detection machine learning, behavioral modeling and threat intelligence feeds from AWS and leading third parties, users are now able to run inside EKS container nodes. Second, Amazon Security Lake, a new tool that improves the protection of workloads, applications and data investigating petabytes.

Launch of an omnichannel cloud contact center

With Amazon Connect, companies can now retain customers more easily by staying ahead of their expectations with an easy-to-use cloud contact center. The machine learning-based capabilities can forecast, plan, schedule and improve agent productivity. This solution can be set up in minutes and easily scaled up or down to meet customer needs.

Other solutions to keep an eye on

We have put together a list of other solutions that were announced during the conference for your reference.

AWS SimSpace Weaver, a solution to build dynamic, large-scale spatial simulations on AWS managed infrastructure.

AWS Supply Chain, a machine learning-powered supply chain application that mitigates risks and lowers costs for companies.

AWS Clean Rooms, a new way to create clean rooms in minutes while collaborating without sharing raw data.

Amazon Omics, a solution that helps healthcare and life science organizations store, query, and analyze genomic, transcriptomic and other omics data. It then generates insights from that data to improve health and advance scientific discoveries.


We look forward to see what’s to come at re:Invent 2023!

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  1. Neil Thompson07/12/2022

    I was delighted to see how well our GreedCoding message was received from AWS and event attendees, this message certainly connects to AWS’s own ambitions in this area and brings great alignment to our partnership.

    Overall, a superb event!!

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