GFT team expanding online banking with voice commands

Working within existing banking apps, the program uses voice imprint technology to conduct functions that currently require passwords or a customer service representative.

Replacing passwords with voice recognition

Most banks require customers to use passwords or facial recognition software to access mobile services. Some bank functions even require customers to talk by phone to a service representative or meet with a bank manager in person.

A GFT design team wanted to streamline these processes by making them simpler and more efficient. It envisioned a program that would allow smartphones to identify account holders by voice imprints, then respond to their voice commands.

The program would use voice audio patterns to authorize procedures that customers conduct on their smartphones without using a password. At the same time, security protocols would prevent fraud.

By using cloud infrastructure, the program would offer new services and usher in a new era of online banking that would be more open and accessible.


Integrating functions within existing banking apps

The GFT team developed a system that creates voiceprints for every interaction within the banking app. Then, it analyzes the voice of the person requesting an activity against the stored voiceprint. Combined with facial recognition and GPS location mapping, the new program enables customers to access more bank functions with greater speed and efficiency.

The AI and embedded algorithms can detect emotional distress, which could be used to alert authorities to potential robberies or kidnappings in which the victim is being ordered to withdraw money or conduct other financial transactions. The app could even provide the victims’ GPS data to police. 

The program will run on all major banking apps and can be integrated with the latest industry technology, including voice and vision recognition, 5G, and cloud services to create the best user experience. 


Expanding banks’ connection with clients

The team’s design won second place in the GFT US 2022 Digital Hackathon, an in-house competition that encourages innovative thinking among company employees.

The banking program can replace functions that currently require managers or phone attendants to complete.

The new design builds on proven concepts and is fully integrated with existing banking apps to ensure ease of connection.

Banks will be able to use the program to improve the client relationship by allowing simple voice commands to access banking functions.


“We showed that we can integrate the client more into the services that the financial system offers. This could be transformational to the service industry”.

  • Wilian Cavassin, GFT Data Engineer – Brazil 

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