GFT Talent Kranthi – “It feels good to be back” ​

All roads lead to GFT USA according to Kranthi, one of our Developers, and that’s the reason why she chose to rejoin our team, only to find out that GFT USA is evolving more than ever.

She shared her story with us, so meet Kranthi:

  1. What exactly are you doing at GFT? What does your job involve?

Kranthi: I am a Senior Developer at GFT USA supporting various Hedge Funds and Asset Management Firms to perform day to day operations for the Back office and Middle office accounting. My job revolves around Geneva (Portfolio Accounting software) and its various integration upstream and downstream systems.

  1. Can you tell us a bit more about your experience regarding technologies, projects or skills?

Kranthi: In my 12 years of IT experience, almost half of it was at GFT. During my tenure I had the privilege to work with various client’s proprietary softwares and technologies which gave me the opportunity to learn them. Working with various vendors helped me to grow my project management skills as well.

  1. How does your talent come to shine at GFT and within your job here?

Kranthi: I easily adapt to changes. This helped me to adapt to various client specific technologies and quickly move to another to perform daily activities.

  1. Which of our GFT values – caring, committed, courageous, collaborative and creative – describe you best and why?

Kranthi: Committed – We adapt easily to the clients changing infrastructure and needs with in a limited time and focus on supporting the client to achieve success.

  1. How would you describe your experience in GFT USA?

Kranthi: I started my journey at GFT in 2012 and then I decided to go on a separate way to chase new dreams and explore other opportunities. Even while I was working somewhere else, I continued to cross paths with GFT in many way and that’s the reason I always say that all roads lead back to GFT for me. When I rejoined the team, it felt much stronger and collaborative than before and there were many exciting opportunities ahead.

  1. What do you expect for the future?

Kranthi: To explore new opportunities with the same level of commitment to clients. Always hungry for more.

Thank you for the interview, Kranthi!

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