Mindfulness at GFT Italy

GFT still takes care of its employees’ wellbeing. Even in this situation, of health and economic emergency, our thoughts and actions have been addressed to our employees: the link between present and future.

We decided to structure a well-being programme for our employees and their families, focusing on mindfulness practice and its benefits for the company. At this time, maybe even more than before, we strongly believe that being close to our people strengthens the sense of teamwork, increases motivation and helps to activate personal resilience.

The track created aims to provide food for thought and insights into psychological well-being, to allow us to contextualize the ideas through concrete exercises that help people to experiment with new techniques of personal empowerment. and to create a sense of sharing and community within the corporate population around these issues.

The track, structured in collaboration with HRBP and Talent Management, over two live sessions, involved two psychology experts in the subject and a Talent Management colleague as moderator. During these sessions the experts brought their own input and answered questions from the moderator and the audience. In each meeting it was possible to experience a guided meditation, leaving room for comparison and sharing at the end of the practical experience.

For each meeting we recorded over 250 participants, the audience was very participative through the chat made available on the platform. The feedback collected has been very positive and most enthusiastic about the initiative and the chosen topic.

The track has been realized on a GFT branded platform that will allow people to access the well-being program as often as they want, reviewing the lives or choosing to repeat only the meditations.

The program also provides, for another 4 weeks, specifically every Friday, 4 more meditations that will be uploaded on the platform so that everyone can keep training on this practice. Mindfulness means having self-awareness by paying attention to reality in the present moment, in an objective and detached and, above all, non-judgmental way. It’s no coincidence that the English word “mindfulness” really means “awareness”.

Neuroscience studies have highlighted how mindfulness, and self-awareness training, has a positive impact on the person, their ability to maintain concentration and lower stress levels. It’s easy to imagine how valuable these skills are in everyday working life, improving performance.

We know that a happy employee at work performs even better, so for us helping people take care of their body and mind becomes essential!

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  1. Lucila Jimenez28/07/2020

    Wonderful initiative. I myself practice Yoga which has a lot of the mindfulness concepts in it. And I also practice a little bit of meditation. It has really changed my life. My wish is for these techniques to spread to all. It will definitely be a better world. And it should start in schools to give children this tools to really be well, to be able to face any hardships with a calm, clear mind.

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