Forrester report: “leading banks continue to raise the bar on mobile functionality”

Over the last couple of years, the mobile banking market has become highly competitive. In order to help digital banking teams understand where they stand against their peers, the advisory and research firm Forrester has evaluated the mobile services of 42 leading banks from around the globe. After we conducted our own GFT mobile payment research in 2012 and 2016, we found these new insights not just complementary, but truly inspiring. That is why we have decided to offer, licensed from Forrester, the full report Best Practices in Global Mobile Banking Functionality as a complimentary download for a limited time on our GFT website.

One key takeaway of our own mobile payment report, was the fact that there are generally two aspects that are crucial for the success of mobile banking: convenience and security. The Forrester research confirmed our findings, stating that the leading mobile banking apps handle both factors with great care and make it their highest priorities.

What also caught our eye at first glance was the fact that best practices can be found all over the globe: amongst the leading financial institutions in the mobile banking sector were providers from Spain, the United States, Turkey, Poland and Australia, consistently leading across different areas in mobile banking. The report features these banks, shows what they have in common and what sets them apart from its competitors. It also lists a number of digital banks, who are offering advanced solutions and functionalities.

According to the report, banks leading in this field have perfected the customer centricity approach by actually empowering the customer in several areas: money management – in a digital and smart way – plays a big role, going hand in hand with making payments and transactions easier and more convenient.

What this looks like, what banks have to do to get up to speed and what other factors are crucial in making banking truly mobile can also be found in the report. It features a detailed analysis about the strengths of today’s mobile banking leaders and offers best practices as well as recommendations for digital banking teams, supporting decision makers in their strategy and offering valuable insight for everyone working in this field.

Click here download the Forrester report Best Practices in Global Mobile Banking Functionality

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