“My role is to add value to the project”

Amanda Chaves works as a Java Developer for GFT in Brazil. In our video, Amanda talks about her talents and anti-talents. In our interview, we get to know her a bit better…

What exactly are you doing at GFT? What does your job involve?

Amanda: I am a Java developer, my job is to interpret system requirements and translate them into programming language, error identification and perform maintenance. My role at GFT is to add value to the project, meet the customer needs, and ideally exceed their expectations.

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience regarding technologies, projects or skills?

Amanda: I work both in the back-end that is responsible for the ‘back-end’ part of the application (that is the implementation of the business rules), also the ‘front-end’ which is the direct interaction with the end user, via their screen.

I develop solutions using the Java programming language. Java is an ‘object-oriented’ programming language, which means that conceptually it is about classifying, organising and abstracting data. It also uses encapsulation as a way to avoid direct access to methods and attributes, inheritance for code re-use (that optimises the production of the application in time and lines of code), and polymorphism such that the same attributes and objects can be used in different objects, but with different logical implementations.

In addition to the Java programming language, there are other technologies that I work with or have done so in the past, including: Spring, JSP, JSF, JPA, Hibernate, Primefaces, HTML, CSS, plus the use of Trello and Jira Software as support tools for an agile methodology.

At GFT I have worked on projects for retail bank customers and insurance projects. The insurance projects particularly interest me, since before I was a developer I worked in an insurance brokerage firm, and the business knowledge I gained then helps me today in making decisions and understanding the customer’s needs, in addition to my pure programming skills.

In our video, you talk about your talents. How does your talent come to shine at GFT and within your job here?

Amanda: I think that doing a thorough and effective job as a programmer, being willing to help and provide suggestions for improvements are things that add value to GFT. At GFT, we are flexible and able to provide expertise in many areas.

Which of our GFT values – caring, committed, courageous, collaborative and creative – describe you best and why?

Amanda: I believe that collaborative describes me best. I like to help and share my experiences with my team; I interact with a large number of people at GFT and am always exchanging ideas with my colleagues.

Thanks for the interview, Amanda!

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