“It takes courage to challenge the status quo”

We all have some talents and anti-talents – that is just natural! In our video, we tell you a bit more about them… One of our “stars” in this video is Kelvin Ong, who is working in Staffing at GFT in Spain. In our interview, we learn some more about Kelvin’s work here at GFT.

Kelvin, what exactly are you doing at GFT? What does your job involve?

Kelvin: My background is in the business consulting side of innovation. I work in the business/operations part of GFT, coordinating a range of activities across all GFT countries.

For example, as a Product Owner in an internal application (a reactive web app), we aim to create a marketplace to optimize usage of our parking spaces in GFT Spain. Also, to match the skills of our workforce to the project pipeline, we are building a data warehouse to interface with various systems and applying a layer of Elasticsearch. As part of change management, I also align the business processes in my area with the GFT IT landscape, providing operational input to Kimble Salesforce, SAP S/4, and shape usage of our Atlassian applications, among others.

In our video, you talk about your talents. How does your talent come to shine at GFT and within your job here?

Kelvin: I am at the confluence of complex business operations, IT engineering, and different subject matter experts, all coming from different cultural, legal and linguistic backgrounds. Even if all stakeholders would speak the same language at the same level, which is not a given, bringing across a message requires formulating it in such a way as to connect with the knowledge base of the given target group. Engineers, HR specialists, business consultants, sales people, controllers, all understand ideas differently, and I am glad to be able to apply myself to the challenge of coordinating and communicating with people from all of these professions.

Which of our GFT values – caring, committed, courageous, collaborative and creative – describe you best and why?

Kelvin: Courageous. It takes courage to admit my ignorance in many of the topics that I am tackling and humility to listen to advice from those who know. Based on this, it takes courage to challenge the status quo, and eventually to defend any decisions that are taken in front of business leaders and people with many more years of experience.

Thank you for the interview, Kelvin!

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