“Overcoming this obstacle is only possible trough patience, cooperation and teamwork.”

In our latest GFT video, Luis Carlos Herrero talks about his talents and anti-talents. In our interview, he reveals the details behind a Business Analyst role at GFT, and tells us why collaboration is key to success.

So Luis, what exactly is the Business Analyst role at GFT in practice?

Luis: The role of a business consultant at GFT Spain is to meet with the clients to discuss and gather business requirements, in order to define IT solutions that best fits their needs. My job mostly involves participating in retail banking projects by collecting business requirements and defining functionalities based on them. To accomplish this, I had to work with the GFT architecture and delivery teams, but also with IT and business teams designated by the client, consisting of both local (i.e. Spanish) and global (e.g. German) colleagues.

Another of my responsibilities include keeping track of open points, writing meeting minutes, following up issues through internal tools and sharing relevant information through Confluence/SharePoint.

This role is also about providing support to the IT teams during the development and testing phases of the project, and making sure that the delivered product is a suitable match to what the client requested.

In our video, you talk about your talents. How does your job at GFT allow your talent to flourish?

Luis: My talent is consulting. That might sound very broad, but to put it simply, I am good at understanding the clients’ requests and transforming them into a clear roadmap that is essential to developing any IT solution, always keeping in mind not just what they ask for, but what they really need. Being able to see the big picture and having the whole idea of the end-to-end process, not just the particular close up picture of each part involved, this is a crucial ability if you want to deliver a satisfactory product.

Which of our GFT values – caring, committed, courageous, collaborative and creative – describe you best and why?

Luis: Collaborative. Achieving success in a role such as mine requires collaborating with many different teams, from multiple cultural contexts, with a wide range of backgrounds, with a deep knowledge in a variety of areas and profound expertise in diverse technologies, which sometimes makes it difficult to agree on how to approach a problem. Overcoming this obstacle is only possible trough patience, cooperation and teamwork.

Thank you for the interview, Luis!

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