The future of RPA at Blue Prism World 2018

Alongside my colleagues, I had the pleasure to represent GFT’s exponential banking team at the London edition of the world’s largest robotic process automation (RPA) conference, organised by Blue Prism on June 12th and 13th. For those of you less familiar with this company, Blue Prism is one of the most acclaimed RPA software providers in the market, offering software robots that automate repetitive administrative tasks, while also meeting the most demanding security, compliance, and scalability requirements.

GFT was invited to attend this conference as part of the growing relationship between GFT and Blue Prism. One of the most interesting things that we had the opportunity to discover during the event was Blue Prism’s vision for digital workers equipped with six intelligent automation skills – knowledge and insight, planning and sequencing, visual perception, problem solving, collaboration and learning – enabling humans to deliver tangible business benefits.

In the words of Dave Moss, co-founder and CTO of Blue Prism: ​“As businesses continue to evolve, we’ve witnessed a growing desire for these organizations to establish a solid foundation of automation that’s intelligent, connected and easy to control. By coupling our automation capabilities with the most innovative cognitive and AI technologies on the market, we are augmenting human workers to achieve and do more. We’re delivering an intelligent digital workforce now.”

At the conference, we also heard about a number of partnerships between Blue Prism and leading technology companies, including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Expert Systems, Appian, [24], Ephesoft, TimelinePI, XpertRule and Captricity. All of which are helping drive the adoption of AI, by taking advantage of the current state-of-the-art rather than “reinventing the wheel”.

Finally, at the event came the announcement of the launch of a new marketplace, in which it will be soon possible to share, sell and buy, Blue Prism’s Visual Business Objects (VBO), hence promoting open collaboration, reusability and product enhancement.

As in all events of this type, customers and partners discussing their real-life implementations were one of the major highlights, in particular since some of the projects presented exceeded 300 robots. Thanks to Heineken, Bank of Ireland, United Utilities, ADP, Nordea and Zurich Insurance among others, for sharing their valuable experiences with the audience.

Although I have always been a firm believer in the power of both artificial intelligence and RPA, I have returned from London with an even stronger conviction that through this automation journey, we will contribute to a better world for everyone. This will ultimately allow human beings to be human again, by freeing up our time and enabling all of us to showcase our true and unique inner-self’s!


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