New edition of GFT’s Digital Banking Expert Survey

Last year, GFT surveyed industry experts about “Empowering Digital Banks”. The results indicated that customers are driving the digitalisation in the financial services industry, but the transformation still needs time. This year, there will be a new edition of the survey to generate further insights.

Bild2In 2015, about 10% of the interviewed experts said, they have completed the journey towards Digital Banking. All others were developing a strategy or implementing the services still. And the majority of them are expecting 3 to 5 years to do it. The main business drivers were around customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, which is a very clear focus. Unfortunately there are some barriers, which quite heavily block the roads such as organisational structures, IT integration and appropriate staffing.

So – how is the status one year later? Did the success factors change? How do Banks compare themselves to their main competitors? These are just a few of the questions from GFT’s expert survey 2016 revolving around the topic of Digital Banking. The goal is to see what has changed within the last year. Learn, where the focus of 2015 (customer satisfaction and loyalty) has been pushed within the previous 12 months.

On top we want to get more detailed insights along the topics of real-time and predictive usage of customer data. Utilizing the available assets is the starting point to surprise and delight customers. Meeting their expectations before they even know they have them. Offering the relevant best options immediately, making it as easy as possible to do business. Customer satisfaction shouldn’t be an issue any more. And customer loyalty may be so, that customers themselves attract new customers, because they just love the experience and spread the word. Now let’s see how far Banks really are into that specific area!

Business and IT decision makers at midsized and large retail Banks in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Mexico and Brazil will be questioned. The survey takes place over a period of 3 weeks, from 29 February until 18 March. You’re very welcome to participate! Just follow this link to get to the Digital Banking Expert Survey and choose your respective language. The results will be published in April. If you want to register, you will get the results even prior to the official release.

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