GFT Canada supports student development with participation in CEO Forum Event

On July 16, GFT Canada participated alongside representatives from other leading global consulting firms in a panel review of career options in technology and business consulting. The event, called CEO Forum, was hosted by the University of Waterloo’s Management Consulting Club, which aims “to make the University of Waterloo an active recruiting ground for Management Consulting firms.”

UWMCC - CEO FactoryThrough both a panel discussion and smaller group sessions, the forum participants explored the alignment of technical skills with business disciplines to deliver results for clients and growth in their career paths.

Kevin Paul, Head of Business Consulting, GFT Canada, stated: “It’s exciting to connect with these dedicated students as they work to develop their professional careers, and a great testimony to GFT’s involvement that many of the students who we have hired in the past during their co-op terms have come back to be full time members of our North American team after they graduate.”

One such co-op-turned-employee is Christopher Haggert, who was recently brought on as a Data Analyst for GFT Canada. Chris stated, “The Waterloo co-op program is great for exploring various opportunities in a range of industries. Because I was able to spend a co-op term with GFT, I knew that the industry (and the firm!) was one I would like to consider as a full-time employee. My prior co-op terms at financial institutions also made me feel comfortable throughout the transition to GFT because I had already been exposed to similar work.”

Kevin Paul also added, “The University of Waterloo is home to some of North Americas’ most advanced Systems, Engineering and Quantum Computing faculties, and GFT has worked with the University for several years, recruiting graduates and co-op students from these disciplines to help meet the needs of our growing business.”

These types of programs are crucial for developing the kind of stellar talent that is needed to grow an industry as fast-paced and competitive as financial services. GFT’s participation in the Waterloo Co-Op Program is just one part of its support of budding tech talent; the company also recently announced a partnership with New York based Code to Work, a new non-profit focused on identifying and independently assessing candidates with diverse, non-traditional educational backgrounds for entry-level tech positions. In an interview with AlphaPages, Sonia Whang, Head of Business Development, GFT USA, commented, “We feel strongly that taking part in initiatives like this sets us on a path towards a stronger economy and a more resilient industry.”

To learn more about the University of Waterloo’s Management Consulting Club, click here.

To learn more about Code to Work, click here.

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