GFT presents clever solutions for finance management at CeBIT

Almost one in three people want innovative services from their bank that make life easier (source: YouGov survey). GFT is presenting digital services in Hanover that will create a new banking experience – from Intelligent Finance Management to Automated Account Optimising (CODE_n hall 16, stand D30).

When it comes to new business ideas, banks are still lagging somewhat behind. Technologies such as Big Data or the Internet of Things could pave the way though for concepts offering a genuine added value for customers. GFT will be demonstrating at CeBIT how smart technology can make everyday banking tasks much more convenient with the aid of its Digital Banking Lab and self-learning semantic software, based on technology provided by the Munich based software start-up Gini, which can pull content out of documents. These can be photographed using a smartphone camera and then directly processed. This enables users to easily collect receipts, assign expenditure or file travel expenses – regardless of whether the digital originals are in e-mail, PDF or Word format. No more time-consuming entering of details on transfer forms: bank customers just have to photograph their bills. GFT’s banking app then filters the relevant data out of the photos and prepares to debit the user’s current account.

Banks can not only facilitate home banking for their customers.

Using intelligent data analysis, Automated Account Optimising enables banks to detect when a customer is about to overdraw his account and quickly offer alternatives to high overdraft interest, such as transfers to a savings account or a cheap bridging loan. By offering this service, the bank demonstrates a new level of customer proximity. Account optimising is also a key component of Personal Finance Management: this enables customers to manage multiple accounts centrally and always keep track of their financial situation – also away from home, via smartphone or tablet.

Banks now have the chance to use the trust advantage they have over companies like Google or fintech firms and secure a place in their customers’ digital world.

This also opens the door for services which are new for the banking sector – like independent checks of insurance contracts or car leasing rates. To put it simply: everything that helps customers reduce their monthly fixed costs.

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