Matchmaking GFT style: With CODE_n CONNECT, seek and find innovation partners

Major companies, as well as SMEs, are still simmering away their own innovation ‘soup’. Stimulus from outside? In short supply. Without the right partner in the digital economy, very quickly everything stops working. In future, the right partner can be found at CODE_n CONNECT.



CONNECT is the latest element of the global CODE_n innovation platform launched by the GFT Group in 2011. Its focus is the networking of digital startups with established companies.

Just how this can work has already been demonstrated by CODE_n with the startup competition and the CeBIT event. 50,000 visitors came along to our 5,000 m2 innovation hall over the last three years.

With CODE_n CONNECT, we’re now going one step further: all-year round, flexible and without any obstacles, we’re bringing together young and established companies in the true spirit of innovation. In other words, digital matchmaking.

Here, you’ll find partners who …

  • are working on similar development themes,
  • maybe don’t even know anything about each other yet,
  • can really help you take your business forward.

What makes CODE_n CONNECT different from similar offers?

Three things: internationalism, quality and flexibility.

Internationalism: Innovation does not stop at national borders. This is why the CODE_n CONNECT network incorporates entrepreneurial pioneers from all over the world – including 1,100 founders from over 60 countries who took part in the CODE_n CONTEST over the last three years.

Quality: We know many of the registered startups personally. The 150 finalists, of course, with whom we spend five intense days at CeBIT. And we can confirm that our community is a true pool of digital masterminds. With the new CODE_n CONTEST on the subject of “Into the Internet of Things”, hundreds of other founders from all over the world will be joining us.

Flexibility: Am I looking specifically for a partner on a specific topic? Or do I want to look beyond the horizon and allow new stimulus to move me? CODE_n CONNECT does not set down any rules for matchmaking. Registered companies are able to manage their profiles as flexible as their search enquiries and news feeds – individually customisable to their own current innovation needs.

Why is the innovation relationship between startups and established companies so promising anyway?

Startups bring dynamism, courage and new stimulus to the partnership. Major companies in return offer expertise, financial power and professional structures for scaling business ideas. Or to put it another way, one has what the other needs.

And to make sure all this is not just dry theory, there’s CODE_n CONNECT – powered by GFT.

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