GFT presents CODE_n: TVBeat tunes into big data to capture real-time TV ratings

I’ve had the chance to speak to the last of the CODE_n UK finalists for this series putting the spotlight on these amazing British big data rising stars. TVbeat is very much a case of last, but by no means not least, especially in the light of the recent news of its funding success.

tvbeat logoTVbeat is a London start-up that provides real-time television ratings and has just secured $2 million funding from UK based Episode 1 and Czech based Credo Ventures. The funding will help fuel TVbeat’s expansion in new markets and allow it to further develop its big data state-of-the-art platform and analytical capability across any pay TV platform, including cable, satellite, VOD and OTT, as well as IPTV.

TVbeat uses live data from connected set-top-boxes and other connected devices, turning millions of customer interactions into actionable insights. It has already successfully piloted its services to broadcasters, advertisers and pay TV platforms in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia and has plans to expand further in Europe soon. TVbeat provides audience measurement on a greater scale than previously available. It allows broadcasters access to real-time data to fine-tune live broadcasts and even lets advertisers make informed decisions to make changes in-campaign to reflect actual viewing patterns. The system is based on anonymous viewing statistics on a second by second basis across tens of thousands, or even in the future, millions of viewers, compared with the old school approach which reflects the viewing habits of just 5,000 households in a country the size of the UK.

As well as providing this information to the broadcast, operator and advertising communities, TVbeat can also see an interest from the investment world. According to TVbeat, investors in media companies such as Netflix and HBO will also find the information incredibly useful as they manage their investment portfolio. After all, knowledge is power and using big data analytics to provide viewing patterns across platform in real-time will no doubt challenge the advertising and broadcasting measurement status quo.

As they say in television, stay tuned for more on TVbeat as they join the other 49 CODE_n finalists, GFT, Clemens Weisshaar, EY, Google and at CeBIT this week. We hope you can visit us and experience the way big data is changing all aspects of life today.

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